Rise and Shine: How to Wake Up Easily in the Morning

Even morning larks can feel disoriented in the morning when they hear the alarm. Is it difficult for you to wake up in the morning? Do you hit that “snooze” alarm button at least 5 times every time? We’ve prepared 6 tips on how to get out of bed effortlessly and with excitement.

Daytime Sleep vs. Nighttime Sleep: Who’s Winning?

Can you sleep in daytime and get the same benefits as those from sleeping at night? Will naps compensate for your lack of nighttime sleep? The answers are not as straightforward as you may think.

When Your Bedroom Becomes Your Nightmare Room

When we start to have problems with sleeping through the night, at first we think that the cause hides within us. Staying up late or stressing out both can be the source of sleep deprivation, yet there’s one more reason lying beneath the surface ‒ and it’s your bedroom.

The Vibe is Real: How Sound Vibrations Influence Your Health

Everything we hear makes us feel a certain way ‒ consciously or subconsciously. But can surrounding sounds affect our health? Let’s find out.

Should You Be Alert If You Often Want to Take a Nap?

When you feel your eyes closing slowly and your head becoming heavier and heavier, it’s your body saying “It’s nap time!” to you. How often do you get this feeling and is it normal? Let’s find out.