FAQs PU Small 20

1. What is the level of noise reduction? Is it enough to block out street noise at night?
NRR for this item is 34 dB - it's enough to block out street noise at night :)
2. What is the actual size of these? Can I use them for my child?
The diameter of every earplug is 1,1cm at the bottom, narrowing down to 0,7cm at the top, while the height is 2,3cm. They’re noticeably smaller than regular earplugs, which is why they don’t hurt, fit small ear canals perfectly and are extremely comfortable to sleep in :) The age recommendation for these is 12+, but since they are hypoallergenic, you can test if your child will be comfortable with them.
3. I have very small ears. what is the difference in size between these and your other foam plugs?
There is a very noticeable difference, PQ Foam Earplugs are much smaller :) If you've ever tried regular drugstore earplugs, you know how painful they might feel in the ear. With PQ there is no pressure, they're very soft and you won't even feel you're wearing them!

4: Can they be cleaned or sterilized after usage ?

We do not recommend cleaning or sterilizing them after usage, since the foam can hold the water and, therefore, become a very attractive environment for bacteria. However, if you stick to proper ear hygiene and keep the earplugs in a holding case (away from dust and dirt), they can serve you for up to 20 times per pair :)

5: Where is it Made?

We manufacture our earplugs in China, but we do it in sterile conditions under strict control. Our production process is completely transparent, and we’ll soon be adding more photos and videos from manufacturers to our website so you can be 100% sure about the high quality of your earplugs :)