FAQs Wax Sil 24

1. How long can I wear each wax ear plugs for before I need to replace it?

One pair of earplugs usually lasts up to 10 times or longer. Replace it as soon as the plugs lose their stickiness and don’t seal tight enough :)

2. My partner snores at night. I need something with good sound blocking. Are they okay to wear them every night?

Yes, you can use them every night! Our earplugs are made of hypoallergenic material, and one pair can be used for up to 10 times if you stick to proper ear hygiene :) Besides, they block snoring perfectly and are very comfy to sleep with even on the side!

3. Can I use it while swimming? Does it get the shape of individual ear? Or does it have just a fixed shape?

You surely can! Our earplugs are really good for swimming :) They don’t have a fixed shape, and YES they do mold to your individual ear shape.

4. What's the return policy? Are returns accepted if they don't fit/work properly?
Earplugs are personal ear hygiene products and unfortunately, we won’t be able to accept a return. However, if they don’t fit or don’t work properly, you can contact us via buyer-seller messages or email and we’ll either send you a replacement product or arrange a refund.
5. Are these made in China?
Yes, our contractors are based in China, but the earplugs are produced and packaged in sterile conditions which we strictly control. Our production process is completely transparent, and we’ll soon be adding more photos and videos from manufacturers to our website so you can be 100% sure about the high quality of your earplugs :)

They will fit because you just pinch off what you need. It would be a matter of whether your child likes having something in their ears. My 3 year old niece was fine with them. We used them in a movie theater for her.