The year 2020: Recap and New Year’s Wishes from PQ

The year 2020: Recap and New Year’s Wishes from PQ
happy new year from PQ Ear Plugs

These 365 days have been life-changing for all of us. Upon the end of 2019 we did the usual: spent the evening with friends or family, came up with our new year’s resolutions and made a promise to ourselves to get the best out of the upcoming year. But when the global pandemic hit, it was no longer clear to most of us just how to go on with life.

It’s been hard on everyone, yet we’ve learned to exist in this new reality. And right now, looking back, we at PQ can say for sure that even though 2020 was one of the most challenging years emotionally and financially, the experience of overcoming these difficulties was extremely valuable.

In 2020 we:

  • sent 31,071 of our earplug packages to help you deal with surrounding noise
  • saved approximately 7680 marriages where couples were struggling to sleep because of snoring
  • provided the awaited rest and peace of mind to nearly 21,065 light sleepers and noise-sensitive individuals
  • prevented about 433 swimming enthusiasts from getting ear infections
  • gifted more than 241 sleep masks to you

We want to thank you, our customers, for being with us through ups and downs, for your heartwarming feedback and for choosing us to get through your most vulnerable moments of exposure to noise. In 2021 we will do our best to become better for you, consider this a pinky promise.

May the upcoming year be full of joy and fulfillment, good luck, strong health and new achievements for every single one of us.

Happy New Year!

Peace&Quiet Team


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