7 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Ear Plugs

7 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Ear Plugs

Your partner snoring loudly at night, your neighbours being way too noisy… The slightest irritating sound can be the last straw. If you're still hesitating if ear plugs is right for you, let us tell you why using them may well be one of the best decisions to make.

Reason #1: Falling asleep in complete silence

Whether you live in a separate house with your family or rent an apartment with friends, random night noises might bother you. It doesn’t matter if it’s just leaves rustling outside or your roommate opening the fridge ‒ any noise seems 10x louder at nighttime. If you’re a light sleeper, you probably wish there was a way to mute all those motorcyclists passing by (and waking you up). Well, there is! Ear plugs prevent all sounds from reaching your ears, which helps you fall asleep easier and faster. No need to curse those loud motorcycle guys anymore.

Reason #2: Sleeping through the night despite snoring partner

Every love story, however romantic and perfect it might seem, sooner or later will face the challenge of the couple sleeping together. And often it’s not even about sex, but about the snoring.

You love your partner, but can’t stand their snoring. It’s a serious issue not only because the sound is irritating, but also because it deprives you (maybe even both of you) of sleep. Noise-cancelling earplugs turn the snoring down for you to get good rest. And sometimes they save whole marriages.

Reason #3: Choosing what you want and don’t want to hear

How often do you get annoyed by the sound of a working fan, vacuum cleaner, air humidifier or your co-worker Janette explaining something loudly over the phone? Whether you’re at home, at work or at a local coffee shop, ear plugs give you the freedom to choose silence over noise, and vice versa.

Reason #4: Living a life undisturbed by tinnitus and vertigo symptoms

Tinnitus and vertigo symptoms can get in a way of you living a normal life. Ear plugs can help switch on the silence whenever you need it. They will help you stop the ringing, clicking, rushing or humming, as well as feel control over your balance without a sense of nausea or spinning.

Reason #5: Protecting your ears from water while swimming and showering

Getting your ears wet makes them sensitive to ear infections such as swimmer’s ear and others. Besides, the mere feeling of moistness in the ears is not very pleasing (even nasty, if you will). Wearing wax earplugs at the pool, water park or in the shower, your ears will always be comfortable AND safe from infections.

Reason #6: Traveling without annoying noises around

If you’ve ever been in a busy airport, you know how loud and disorienting the noise is there. People rushing to their seats, children screaming and crying ‒ it’s a mess. And there’s no guarantee that the hotel room you booked is soundproof. With foam or wax earplugs the silence is in your pocket ‒ just whoop it out whenever needed.

P.S. Foam earplugs are also great for reducing ear pressure when you’re on the plane.

Reason #7: Enjoying festival music at a safe volume level for your ears

As much as you love music, you still wouldn’t want to lose your hearing to a live performance. Musicians as well as their fans need reliable hearing protection without giving up the quality of the sound. That’s why ear plugs are a great solution as they don’t cancel music completely, but reduce its volume to an acceptable level.


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