First Impressions: 7 Days of Using PQ Small Foam Ear Plugs

First Impressions: 7 Days of Using PQ Small Foam Ear Plugs

“Best quality,” “high NRR,” “one-size-fits-all” are product characteristics listed by almost every earplug brand that tell nothing about HOW and WHY the plugs can meet your specific needs. To give you a better understanding of PQ Small Foam Ear Plugs in action, we’ve decided to test them for a week and tell you everything about this experience.


The PQ 40 Small Foam Ear Plugs come with a minimalistic box design, including a small convenient carry case and the ear plugs. The box is thinner than the previous versions of the same earplugs package, making it easier to store. With two sticky stripes on both sides of the container, the earplugs are safe from falling out.

These particular foam plugs from PQ are positioned as the ultimate noise reducing earplugs for the smallest, the tiniest ears. Concerning the size, the dimensions of each individual ear plug are 1,1 cm at the bottom, narrowing down to 0,7 cm at the top, while the height is 2,3 cm. With a wide base and a narrow tip, the plugs provide an easier fitting in the ear while giving a reliable seal. The compelling yellow and white color mix makes them fun to look at. Hypoallergenic memory foam from which the plugs are made of is extremely soft and pleasant to touch. Testing the carry case, I could fit not one but three pairs of earplugs in it — with this tiny pocket-like case you can carry the plugs wherever you go and it won’t take much place in the purse, pocket, backpack, etc. So PQ Small Foam Earplugs look and feel great, but how do they sound?


One of the most popular reasons why people search for earplugs is because they can’t sleep through the night due to various annoying noises: a snoring partner, loud roommates or neighbors, construction work, traffic honking, etc. For the sound test, we wore the plugs for 7 nights in a row while living with loud roommates who often take night shifts at work. We wanted to test two things: firstly, how well the plugs stayed in the ears; and secondly, how well the noise was reduced.

The PQ Small Foam Plugs are rated to 32 dB NRR, which means they’re going to block out a medium degree of sound. Having small ears, I found that I felt a tight seal without excessive pressure on the ear canal, which seemed impossible to get with regular drugstore earplugs.


Tossing and turning during the night did not cause the earplugs to fall out or even slightly come out of the ears. Tight seal it is, even through more than 8 hours of wearing. When my neighbors started to come back home from their shifts early in the morning, I didn’t hear a thing except for a muffled rattling sound of keys. What’s more important is that I didn’t feel any discomfort while sleeping on the side, so the plugs are pretty much perfect for all sleeping positions.


Due to a weird coincidence, during the test week my neighbors decided to get their apartment renovated, so I needed the earplugs to reduce the hateful drilling and hammer hitting noises. Unfortunately, no ear protection device can block the sounds completely, but these earplugs muffled noises enough for me to keep calm and focus and not lose my mind and temper. While working on my laptop, I wasn’t annoyed by drilling; and while meditating I didn’t get distracted. PQ Small Foam Earplugs did their job well.


Compact shape of these foam earplugs makes them a perfect noise solution for everyone with small ears. They’re easily inserted and removed and cause very little pressure on the ear canal, even after long term wear. 

When it comes to the durability of each individual pqplugs pair, I’ve used two earplugs for 7 days and they didn’t lose their shape in any way. Yes, they’d gotten a bit muckier because of the earwax (even though I cleaned my ears every day before using the plugs), but it’s what you’d expect after one whole week of usage. The point is, pq foam earplugs are durable and one box of these can last for more than 140 days.


The PQ Small Foam Ear Plugs are great noise cancelling ear plugs for 2021. They’re a wonderful choice for individuals with small ears, having such major benefits over competitors as the comfort and accuracy of their fit.


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