First Impressions: 7 Days of Using PQ Wax Silicone Ear Plugs

Similar characteristics listed on product pages don’t mean all earplugs will work the same. To give you a better understanding of PQ Wax Silicone Ear Plugs in action, we’ve decided to test them for a week and tell you everything about this experience.

How Listening to Loud Music Can Cost You 750 Billion

When was the last time you were using headphones? Chances are, it’s no more than a couple of hours ago. Trying to be fully immersed in our favorite tunes, we turn the volume up ‒ and give more chances for noise induced hearing loss to come. Keep reading to find out why it’s getting closer and more dangerous with every other song you listen to.

Cotton Swabs for Ear Cleaning: Yay or Nay?

Cotton swabs have become the common thing to clean ear wax with. But actually, ear wax purpose is to be in ears, while cotton swabs are not supposed to get close to your ear canals.

Noise Pollution: the Invisible Enemy

Your brain analyses thousands of sounds every day, but you quickly get used to most of them. It’s a normal self-defense mechanism, yet sometimes the defense is doubtful ‒ it’s when you start to get accustomed to noise pollution.