How to Сhoose the Right Ear Plugs for Yourself

How to Сhoose the Right Ear Plugs for Yourself

Today there are plenty of different Earplugs in terms of a brand, size, color, price etc. Sometimes it is so confusing and difficult to choose exactly what you need. Moreover, you might spend an extra money for testing all of them in order to select the best one for yourself.


1. Think of the Goal of Searching: 

  • Sleep. 
  • Work. 
  • Swim. 
  • Travel. 

    2. Think of a Size of the Earplugs you need for your ears.

    • If you have small ear canals, choose Small-sized earplugs.
    • If you don’t know your size, it is better to choose Moldable or Small / Medium-sized earplugs. 
    • Most of our Earplugs are Medium-Sized. 

    3. Think of your Lifestyle. 

    If you lead a busy life and every second is countable then choose the Earplugs you do not need to wash and use only once (Foam Earplugs). It is better to save money, time and buy a pack of Earplugs.

    But if you are ok to wash the Earplugs and carry them all the time then we recommend choosing Reusable Silicone Earplugs.

    4. Think of a Level of Noise Cancelling you need.

    Mostly Earplugs only muffle the external sounds. 32- 34 dB cancels out a decent amount of sound, deadens loud sounds. You will be able to take some rest with music going on in the distance or a traffic sound around your area. Earplugs allow you to feel comfortable in a noisy environment at malls, in crowds or in public. If you correctly insert the earplugs then you will practically not hear the extraneous sounds. However, if it is very close to you-you will!

    But if you are looking for something to block out the sound completely then look for Ear Muffs.


    Think through and choose the right Earplugs for yourself. Save your time and search exactly what you need. Know what you want and what for.


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