Lucid Dreaming: The Truth and Myths About Controlling Your Dreams

Dreaming in your sleep is like entering a whole new world of unknown forms, places and senses. At least half of us have had lucid dreams once, which is a state of awareness that you’re sleeping, but why and how it happened? Is this experience dangerous? Can we train to control our dreams? Let’s find out. 

Why You Shouldn't Feel Ashamed of Being a Night Owl

Every morning we’re expected to wake up early and be ready to stand at attention, enthusiastically waiting to get our study or work tasks done. While for most people an early start of the day is not desirable, but bearable, there are also individuals who are only productive at night and simply can’t wake up earlier than 11am or so. They’re bullied for laziness and hardly cope with 9-5 jobs, but what is it that makes them “sleep in”?

How Cleaning Your Home Can Help Clean Your Mind

We define our belongings as part of ourselves, and giving up on them hurts us. But a mess in an apartment is a mess in your head. By clearing space around we also clear up our consciousness, and vice versa. This process can teach us mindfulness and awareness, so keep reading to find out how you can attract some clarity into your life.

When Your Bedroom Becomes Your Nightmare Room

When we start to have problems with sleeping through the night, at first we think that the cause hides within us. Staying up late or stressing out both can be the source of sleep deprivation, yet there’s one more reason lying beneath the surface ‒ and it’s your bedroom.

5 Signs You Need a Retreat

The never-ending rush of life is not easy to run. Devoted runners realise they're tired when they physically can't move their legs anymore, and you might be one of them. Read more to find out if you need a pause in the run ‒ a retreat.