8 Things You Unconsciously Do In Your Sleep

While sleeping, we’re basically cut off from reality, and that’s why it seems that nothing happens to the body from the moment you close your eyes to waking up in the morning. Yet our brain never stops working, and, well, it may surprise you just how many processes are “running in the background” while you snooze.

Lucid Dreaming: The Truth and Myths About Controlling Your Dreams

Dreaming in your sleep is like entering a whole new world of unknown forms, places and senses. At least half of us have had lucid dreams once, which is a state of awareness that you’re sleeping, but why and how it happened? Is this experience dangerous? Can we train to control our dreams? Let’s find out. 

The Science of Silence: Why Silence Is Vital for Your Brain

In the world full of noises, silence has become a rare commodity. When was the last time you sat down and listened to… nothing? Not a song on your phone in the shower, not a TV-show in the background while you’re cooking in the kitchen? We’re constantly surrounded by clamour, that’s why we fail to notice when it becomes too much. And science shows how silence can cure our cluttered brains.

How To Get Good Sleep: Shiftworkers Guide

Life hits hard when you’re a shiftworker. Sometimes you lose a sense of space and time, often you feel like you’re missing out on important things happening to the loved ones. But one of the most difficult things about working shifts is feeling tired all the time and suffering from sleep problems.

As Loud As a Truck: Why We Snore and How To Stop It

After a long day it feels so good to finally give in to your warm and cozy bed and peacefully fall asleep... But if you or your partner snore, having proper rest during the night is not that easy.